Are the Mets Buyers?

Are the Mets Buyers?

With the recent acquisition of Eric Young Jr., the Mets made significant improvements in an area which they were clearly lacking.  This pickup filled two holes that the Mets have had all year.

The Mets have used seven different players this year at CF, and ten players at the leadoff position.  It is clear nothing has worked, so the Mets decided to pick up an outfielder for a mediocre spot start pitcher.

Eric Young Jr. is a prototypical leadoff hitter and fits perfectly for the Mets.  With a 162 game average of .329 OBP, it’s the third highest OBP on the Mets 25 man roster.

With this acquisition, it got me thinking, are the Mets going to be buyers in July?  If so, who else could be added before the non-waiver trade deadline on July 31st.  The Mets also need a SS, so lets look at who may be available.

Josh RutledgeRutledge has recently taken over at SS for the Rockies with the recent rib injury to Troy Tulowitzki.  Though he is not a massive improvement over Ruben Tejada, he could still be more consistent.  He has the ability to get on base at a better rate than Tejada, and also has more power.  If Rutledge plays well over the next month up to the all-star break, the Rockies may look to move him.  He would be a very cheap addition without giving up any top prospects.

Alcides Escobar: The time for the Royals to trade Escobar was clearly last season.  Hitting .293 and reaching base at a .331 clip, Escobar had the best numbers of his career.  His numbers are down slightly this year, but has a bit more value that Rutledge.  He is another cheap option who would have more abilities at SS than Tejada.

Elvis Andrus: Clearly the most expensive player on this list, Andrus would be a perfect fit for the Mets.  His numbers are slightly down this year which could make him cheaper for the Mets to acquire.  Now if you’re wondering why a team like the Rangers, who look like a lock to win the AL West, would want to trade Andrus, the answer is simple.  Jurickson Profar is their top prospect and is ready for the majors.  The issue is that he’s blocked at every position.  He plays SS, which is where Andrus is, or he can play 2B and 3B which is blocked by Ian Kinsler and Adrian Beltre respectively.  The Rangers should be willing to part with Andrus to make room for Profar.   Andrus is also locked up long term, and would be a great piece to rebuild with.

Those are three SS possibilities the Mets could trade for prior to July 31st.  The first two won’t require much.  As for Andrus, it will probably cost either Montero or Syndergaard, along with Wilmer Flores, and another prospect.  That shouldn’t be a bad price to pay to acquire one of the best Shortstops in the game.

Photo Credit: Michael G. Baron

  • cousinrk

    Look I like Andrus and they need a leadoff hitter badly but no way has Andrus shown himself to be worthy of two top prospects. He’s hitting 237 this year, not scoring a lot of runs, not stealing that much, no power and strikes out close to 100 times a year. Look at last years numbers 285 with 21 SBs and 85 runs scored. That’s good and with his defense and youth he’s a good player but not elite at all.

  • mattimar

    no way the mets give up a couple of top prospects for a ss that does not hit