Welcome Back to Around Citi!

Welcome Back to Around Citi!

In April 2010, I created Around Citi as a venue to write and expand my horizons on the internet. After a successful few months on the site, I decided to head out for greener pastures as I joined Ed Ryan’s Mets Fever. I stayed with Mets Fever for over one year before partnering with Matthew Falkenbury’s Daily Stache and their great wealth of writers.

So it’s with bittersweet sentiments that I announced my departure from the Daily Stache today to focus on chasing my original goal: Creating an innovative and fun venue for Mets fans to read, listen, and discuss the amazing (and oftentimes stressful) world of the New York Mets.

Around Citi will have several new objectives heading into spring training. I’ll be looking to complete the website’s design (you didn’t think that I’d leave it looking as broken down as this, right? Ye of little faith), begin to lay the groundwork for the audio show (which includes seeking a co-host and several guests for the first edition), establishing the content that we’re going to look to provide (I don’t have sources inside of the organization, nor will I claim to. You can read about the signing elsewhere. I’m looking to bring comparisons and fresh perspective), and ultimately building a loyal base of readers who will be able to create a community.

The new tagline that rests under the Around Citi name is “The Pulse of Flushing” because that truly encompasses the vision I hold for Around Citi. I’m looking to try to best accurately display not only my own views, but those of the fan base in general. Social media is a medium that will be featured prominently on Around Citi to help support or refute points made my by myself or others.

I hope that those reading now will be enticed to check back in while the site undergoes construction. If you’re interested in joining the Around Citi crew, feel free to contact me at JChapdelaine93@GMail.com

-Josh Chapdelaine