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Published on June 14th, 2013 | by Josh Chapdelaine


Put It In The Book: A Half Century Of Mets Mania by Howie Rose

To try to quantify how important the New York Mets are to legendary broadcaster Howie Rose would be a difficult task to accomplish without a firsthand account. Put It In The Book: A Half Century of Mets Mania by Howie Rose with Phil Pepe serves as the platform in which Rose is finally able to address not only his experiences and rise as a broadcaster, but his fandom of the New York Mets as well.

Put It In The Book’s forward by Marv Albert serves as the foundation for Rose’s character through the eyes of his broadcast idol. Albert recounts the energetic and youthful Rose beginning a fan club in his honor while trying to learn the industry through the aggressive tactics that had made himself successful. Albert was impressed with how advanced Rose’s calls were for an adolescent, but the now-legendary Mets broadcaster was never a common mind. Perhaps that’s why it’s appropriate that the book begins on the highest of notes for both a broadcaster and fan.

Until Friday, June 1st, 2012, the New York Mets and San Diego Padres remained the only two teams in Major League Baseball to not pitch a no-hitter. To Rose’s admission, there was a stigma around the franchise that the feat simply wasn’t possible. Rose had never broadcasted or seen a no-hitter in person, and the belief that the half-century drought could be broken didn’t resonate until Johan Santana delivered a change-up to St. Louis Cardinals’ third baseman David Freese that was swung-on-and-missed for strike three.

It is a surreal feeling here at Citi Field. The first no-hitter in the history of the New York Mets has been pitched by as worth a candidate as anyone, Johan Santana.

Put it in the book! In the history books!

-Howie Rose

Rose is extremely humble in his accounts of his broadcasting career, detailing the best moments alongside some of the more embarrassing anecdotes. When recounting his mistakes, he pulls no punches as he accounts for Phil Rizzuto deeming him a huckleberry, mispronouncing George Bruns’ name during his first professional interview, and the infamous “Is it spring training yet?” comment made during a New York Islanders broadcast in the midst of a losing season.

The legendary broadcaster is a walking encyclopedia of New York Mets knowledge. The vivid accounts of his trips to Shea Stadium during his childhood are just as bright as his tales of current New York Mets manager Terry Collins. The tales of players and managers are as endless and insightful as one could hope for from a man who has seen every triumph and tragedy of a franchise meddled by the inane.

Put It In The Book is as much Rose’s memoir as it is a step-by-step guide to becoming successful in life. Rose’s passion for the industry shines through in such a manner that one forgets that what he does on a day-to-day basis is his career. The book is an absolute must-have for future broadcasters who wish to seek the correct work ethic to employ in the industry as well as Mets fans who have a desire to learn about the culture and makeup of the franchise. You can purchase Put It In The Book here.

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